Fracture treatments

Have you experienced a fracture somewhere? They can cause stiffness, decreased strength and poor function of the muscles and joints all around the fracture. Depending on the location of the fracture, it can affect the way of your walk, function and movement. Once the fracture has healed properly, you will be asked to start moving the area again, but it will feel stiff and weak. In fact, many athletes have difficulty regaining their strength and mobility after fractures caused by sports injuries. Our physiotherapists are trained to assess all of the side effects of the fracture and develop an individualized treatment plan for you to get you back to your life as quickly as possible. We will help you to regain all of your movement and strength as well as help you to function properly after the cast is removed. When you get a fracture, your doctor may send you to see physiotherapists. We have physiotherapist allocated for fracture patient who will assess you and provide you with some initial exercises to get your movement. Physiotherapists are here to teach you and guide you and they are also responsible for providing you with crutches and other mobility aids. Let our physiotherapist take care of your fracture and get your broken bone healing quickly and correctly.

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