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SimpleeKare, a clinic in Bhubaneswar provides a wide range of healthcare services that meet the needs of women through all the stages of life. Our gynecologist provides complete care for women with a wide range of gynecology issues like

Having difficulties with making a baby in your bedroom? SimpleeKare Clinic is definitely the best option for you. Before infertility testing, our specialists work to understand the sexual habits of both men and women and may make recommendations based on these. Fertility for women relies on the ovaries releasing healthy eggs. Our specialists are doing specific fertility tests for women. Our gynecologists can help determine whether there's a problem that requires specific treatments that treat infertility problems. Depending on your age and personal health history, our specialists may recommend a medical evaluation. Our experienced doctors or physician might ask some questions during your treatment to assist you to solve all your doubts & queries. We offer a full range of women’s health care services and gynecologic care. We have an open environment where you can communicate with our specialists and experts directly and freely about your every step in your treatment. In fact, going through our treatment, we empower our patients regarding our infertility treatment, processes and help instruct them about everything.
If you have worries about irregular periods or hot flashes, talk with our specialists. Signs and symptoms of menopause are usually adequate to tell most women that they've started the menopausal transition. Our specialists recommend different treatments for reducing your signs and symptoms and preventing chronic conditions that may occur with ageing. Our gynecology team implements new treatments and tests to prevent, detect, treat this disease. Our doctors are able to diagnose menopause or menstrual condition in a woman using her age, questions about her menstrual patterns, and feedback about any physical signs. We have customized treatment plans for patients having sign and symptoms of this disease. Hence, before going for a consultation with our doctors, you should track the signs and symptoms. If you or a loved one is experiencing menopause/menstrual problems, consult our doctors to understand the importance of care and management of this disease.
SimpleeKare offers an integrated approach to treating the polycystic ovarian syndrome. We have a team of specialists in reproductive endocrinology, dermatology, nutrition and psychology. We work together to create an individualized treatment plan for each patient that will be effective for him/her. We are also developing many program series for women who would like to start adding exercise into their lives. Our specialists focus on the total health care needs of the patient with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Our purpose at Simpleekare is to give comprehensive care for the PCOS patient. We have specialist for several PCOS-related treatments and services like unwanted hair, acne treatments, weight loss/gain, depression & anxiety and heart and diabetes. We offer sensitive, multidisciplinary care for women PCOS. Our approach is to provide comprehensive care for all women with PCOS, including women seeking fertility assistance. Visit us and schedule an appointment at our SimpleeKare clinic to discuss your condition and targeted treatment for life as well as fertility.
Want to ease your menstrual cramps; SimpleeKare is here to provide you with the best care. Our experts review your medical history and perform a physical exam, including a pelvic exam. Our specialists prescribe medications that are first-line therapy for primary dysmenorrheal. Our doctors use ultrasound and laparoscopy to get a picture of your internal organs and for a direct look into your uterus. Our specialists can easily distinguish between primary and secondary dysmenorrheal through the patient’s history. An effective treatment for dysmenorrheal is also provided by our experts. In addition to making periods less painful, our experienced can prescribe the combined oral contraceptive to take continuously, thereby reducing the number of cycles you go through. Our specialists suggest various non-pharmacological treatments for dysmenorrheal.
Having discomfort with urination? Our physicians provide a better test for ovarian cancer. Additionally, there is no consistent screening test for ovarian cancer. At present we are enrolling high-risk women in clinical trials and are always looking to identify new tests that may be used to screen the general population. As ovarian cancer requires expert care, our gynecologic oncologists are here to help you. Our gynecologic oncologists will direct your multidisciplinary care team by managing every aspect of your treatment. Our care team assigned to you will also shape your treatment plan based on your possible individual needs, and help you manage ovarian cancer-related side effects, like fatigue, nausea etc. Our oncology specialists of gynecology team may possibly recommend imaging tests, like, blood tests or a biopsy to remove a tissue sample and ultrasound or CT scans. Once your cancer is diagnosed, your care team will recommend a personalized ovarian cancer treatment plan according to your needs.
Experiencing abnormal bleeding during your menstrual periods or after menopause? This may be a symptom of cervical cancer. Usually, women between 40 and 55 years of age are affected by cervical cancer. SimpleeKare is providing the best service for the women affected by cervical cancer. Our specialists with gynecologic oncology team may recommend you a pelvic exam or a Pap test to find out abnormal cells in your cervix and vagina. The treatment of cervical cancer depends upon the extent of tumor growth. Our team will recognize the condition of this disease and suggest various suitable treatment plans like Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) to confirm that no cancer remains, Cryosurgery to kill the abnormal cells, Cryosurgery Hysterectomy to remove the uterus completely. If cancer has grown into normal tissue, our team will suggest you for intensive therapies such as radiation therapy, sometimes with the addition of chemotherapy drugs. After you complete treatment, our doctor will recommend regular checkups. Our care team is always there to work with you, your family and your other doctors to provide an extra support for your ongoing care.
Conception problem is a great concern for every woman. If you are facing the same, our gynecology team of SimpleeKare is here to provide you the best possible solution for you. Our gynecologist will take a detailed history of your menstrual cycle, and your general health. Our team will give you some general advice on how to maximize your chances of conceiving. If needed they will take a pelvic examination and some blood tests to track the overall well-being of your ovary Our specialists may treat your conception problem with medicine, surgery, artificial insemination or assisted reproductive technology. We strongly believe that educating our patients about the detail process of conception problems along with its treatment options will empower our patients to make the best choices. After a detailed history, physical examinations are performed; our doctor may recommend surgery to correct the abnormalities. Through laparoscopy, our physician can diagnose abnormalities which can help remove or correct the great majority of these abnormalities.
Especially it’s very important to begin prenatal care as early as possible — preferably before a woman even becomes pregnant. SimpleeKare Clinic is here to help you work through the situation and provide answers to your questions. We offer all of our services at an affordable price. Our clinic is a safe and caring environment where you can ask questions without judgment. Our Licensed medical professionals review the results of your pregnancy test with you and answer any queries you may have. Our Clinic offers genuine healthcare and genuine choices. Our specialists provide you with a safe place where they can answer your any questions. We believe that women have a right to make decisions about their prenatal care and pregnancy. We are here to help women make updated and thoughtful decisions. We offer quality laboratory, highly accurate pregnancy testing to confirm a positive test. Our tests can detect a pregnancy with a few days after conception. You may schedule an appointment. Our test results are private and confidential.

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