Nephrology is the branch of medicine that deals with the physiology and diseases of the kidneys. Our nephrologists direct all aspect of treatment, including early intervention. Kidney disease patient need quality care, guidance and hope. Our treatment includes:

We in SimpleeKare provide world-class healthcare facilities for patients with diabetes and help them live a happy, healthy life. We have the latest technology to provide holistic care for diabetes and its complications. Our clinic gives you the facilities like Nutrition & Dietetics, ECG, Surgical Dressing, Foot Cleaning, Eye Department, X-ray, Pharmacy, Laboratory and Home Care. We provide everything a diabetic might need, under one roof. As a patient, you don’t have to keep going for the blood test. Our phlebotomists come to your home to take your blood. So we have put our patient’s life simple and convenient. Our clinic gives you the opportunity to meet experts to check your wellness and give you highly specialized advice on how to take care of your diabetes. Our specialists work together to create a personalized treatment plan for you. Your team may consist of a doctor, an educator and a dietitian who will work directly with you to keep your blood sugar level as normal as possible.
Our clinic offers reliable and proven dialysis care at the highest of standards. Our approach is to maximize patient well being by providing high-quality service in a safe environment. We contribute ourselves to continuous improvement of quality to provide the highest quality care today and in the future. Our doctors discuss your personal and family history with you. Our experts carry out a physical exam, to check for signs of problems with your heart, and conduct a neurological exam. Our doctor will work to slow or control the cause of your kidney disease. Our doctor may recommend medications to lower your blood and to preserve kidney function. Our doctors also suggest a water pill and a low-salt diet. Our doctor may recommend medications to lower your cholesterol. Our specialists help you decide which method of dialysis is best for you based on your medical condition and lifestyle.
Is your child born with abnormal renal conditions? We in SimpleeKare diagnose kidney disease in children by carrying out some physical exams and reviewing signs and symptoms. Our nephrologists provide your child with a careful monitoring and treatment to manage many of the symptoms of congenital kidney disease. Our specialists recommend following a low-salt diet and avoiding contact sports. Our nephrologists may recommend treatments to slow or control the progression of the disease and find out the appropriate condition to refer a dialysis clinic or transplant centre. For diagnosis, our specialists may recommend certain tests and procedures, such as Blood tests, Urine tests, Imaging tests and biopsy. Our doctors will work to slow or control the cause of your kidney disease. We have specialists in the pediatric department who can better treat the condition of this disease. With many congenital kidney diseases, there is no cure, but our nephrologists can help you successfully manage your symptoms. So contact Simpleekare Clinic & start feeling better!

Our nephrology team works closely with doctors in radiology, urology and nutrition to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive care possible. We have the expertise and technology to diagnose and treat all types of kidney stones effectively. Our doctors use CT scan test which can help determine the type of stone without having to remove it. Our specialists have far-reaching experience in performing latest technology surgical procedure to remove large kidney stones. Our team-members work closely in planning each individual's care to avail you the best test results quickly. Our nephrology team is designed for treating any kind of renal stone diseases. We also focus on diet, medications and over the counter supplements. If you think you have a kidney stone, we are here to help you. Our clinical team is available 24/7 to help you get relief. Our care team will work with you to identify and analyze your kidney stone and help you to understand dietary or other change you can make to reduce your risk in the future.

Metabolic kidney disease is believed to contribute to a number of squeal s, including bone disease, altered protein metabolism, skeletal muscle wasting and progressive GFR loss which is a common complication of chronic kidney disease. Our doctors use two main tests eGFR and ACR to measure kidney function and determine a patient's stage of kidney disease. Our nephrologists will likely investigate possible causes of the disease, monitor your kidney function and help plan your treatment. Our clinic offers you the best opportunities to holdup disease progression and maximizes the quality of life for metabolic kidney disease patients. Our team includes unique nephrology practices along with dedicated specialists who participate in every clinic appointment to give you the comprehensive care possible. Every clinic appointment also includes time with our dietician and pharmacist to manage the level of the disease. Our care team focuses on helping patients and families manage symptoms and adjust to the challenges of living with metabolic kidney disease.
If you have a renal vascular disease, our nephrologists will do a physical exam, order lab tests, and review your and your family's past health. They may recommend certain tests to have a look at a picture of your kidneys and renal arteries. Depending upon the type of renal vascular disease that is present, treatment will also vary. Our team works together to evaluate and treat people with a renal vascular disease by offering a wide variety of diagnosis options. Our doctors may also suggest aspirin and a cholesterol-lowering medication which is best for you depends on your individual situation. Our vascular surgeons also team up with top kidney specialists to manage care for patients with end-stage renal vascular disease. We have specialized cardiologists and nephrologists for both the heart and blood vessels and kidneys, mostly if blood pressure is difficult to control or kidney function worsens. We have well-trained vascular surgeons to identify and repair even the most complex renal vascular conditions.
To measure your blood pressure, our doctor or a specialist will measure your blood pressure using a pressure-measuring gauge usually by putting a helium balloon arm cuff around your arm. Before diagnosing you with high blood pressure our doctors will likely take two to three blood pressure readings each at three or more separate appointments. Our doctors may also recommend routine tests, such as a urine test, blood tests, a cholesterol test and an electrocardiogram. We have many types of complementary and alternative treatments effective for treating renal hypertension. With imaging studies and biochemical workup, our nephrologists and radiologists can accurately diagnose renal hypertension disease. Our approach to treating renal hypertension disease is to manage the level of blood pressure or its control with medications, and improvement or protection of kidney function. Our interventional radiologists and nephrologists can execute angioplasty If medications and lifestyle changes are insufficient. if needed, techniques to improve blood flow to the kidney are done.

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