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May 30 2020 at 10:28 AM by Samikshya Joshi

Right away, everybody is playing a vital role in the fight against coronavirus – so well done to all of us in self-isolation! Are you worried about gaining weight during this lockdown period? Many people are worried about weight gaining while staying behind closed doors and always thinking about food and mealtimes for weight loss.


Try these effective ways of weight loss during the lockdown period by SimpleeKare, which is the top weight loss influencer.  


Eat healthy, eat wisely, and eat timely!

We are ignoring a hidden advantage in this lockdown. We are bound to eat home food with no options of eating outside– which is in good health, low calorie and low trans-fat. You should shorten carbohydrates foods intake such as bread, chapattis, rice, potato, etc. Body metabolism works best when nutritious food is ingested at regular intervals. Early dinners are better for your health and try to sleep early.

We are under social lockdown, not exercise lockdown!

It is very essential to stay active both physically and mentally during this period and the benefits are well known. Through exercise, you can boost up your immunity to fight against  COVID-19. You can do walking, skipping, etc., or crunches Pilates, planks or yoga / Pranayam at your home. In general, 45 minutes to a 1-hour of daily exercise is enough for your body. There is always a good relationship stand between yoga and health.


It’s all in the mind!

While the country needs us to stay indoors, it’s not needed to eat more, become inactive and gain weight by staying at home at this time. In effect, this is an excellent time to change as individuals and make a healthy lifestyle.


Monitor yourself!

After following these tips you should measure your weight once a week. With a few lifestyle changes, it is likely to maintain our weight during this period of lockdown. 


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