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Best Physiotherapy Care

September 28 2020 at 01:07 AM by Samikshya Joshi

Professional help to get rid of pain and injury nowadays is the most likely thing. Injury and pain can happen to anyone. The most common types of injuries are related to muscle, joints, and bone. However, some underlying diseases can also result in pain, where people seek physiotherapy and exercise.


Do you know there are different types of physiotherapy and exercises available! The listing below the types which generally people mix up with physiotherapy:


  • Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists use their techniques and knowledge of the body to provide Physiotherapy and exercise treatment. They mainly assess, diagnose and treat symptoms from injuries


  • Massage Therapy

              It is mainly the manipulation of soft tissues. It reduces pain associated with everyday stressors.                 

  •  Osteopathy      

Osteopathy deals with the whole body. They believe that healthy tissues require proper circulation of our body’s fluids

Generally, there are five types of physiotherapy and exercise. They are manual therapy, electrical modalities, decompression therapies, alternative treatments, and Supportive products.


How can you know which treatment is right for you?


Before choosing any therapy we recommend you to visit the doctor first. They are the right person who can give the best suggestion as well as a solution.


Which type of exercise is most beneficial?


As per our research, we can provide basic ideas on it.

  • In muscle and bone injuries will require some form of mobility and progressive strengthening exercises
  • In the nervous system diseases like strokes will require more balance and functional exercises.
  • In respiratory illnesses like emphysema will require exercises that improve and strengthen the muscles of breathing and posture.
  • In concussion, rehabilitation will need visual and vestibular retraining exercises.




Exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle as well as part of a treatment plan. With the inactive lifestyle, people are facing more diseases which emphasize physiotherapy. With strength and ongoing exercise will allow you to maintain your health and independence as you age.

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