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Cervical Spondylosis

September 27 2017 at 03:00 AM by Admin

Neck pain may be due to various causes. It may be the simple muscle pain due to spasm of muscle which may subside within a few days either with medicine or without it. It is due to fibrositis. The pain may be also due to course without much trouble. But more troubling pain in neck is due to osteoarthritis of cervical spines. Osteoarthritis is 2 type.

  • Primary Osteoarthritis – where the cause is degeneration change.
  • Secondary Osteoarthritis – is due to injury or other disease of joints. It is called Cervical spondylitis  or Spondylosis.

It is mostly a degenerative disease process caused by abnormal change on the cartilage and neck bones. These changes can gradually compress one or more of the nerve roots. It can give rise to pain in neck which may radiate to the arms. There may be weakness in hand and changes in impairment of sensation. Some times it may give rise to restriction in movement of neck. The pain is so embarrassing that the people around him may feel the effect when talk to person suffering from.


  • Neck pain which may dull acting to excruciating & radiate to arms or shoulder.
  • Loss of sensation or abnormal sensation of the shoulder & arms.
  • Weakness of Arms.
  • Neck stiffness which becomes worse & may give rise to loss of balance.
  • Headache specially back of head is persisted.
  • There may be griding sound of neck on movement.
  • General weakness & anxiety may give rise to instability of body & mind.

Causes of Cervical Spondylosis:

  • Aging is the most common factor. Around the age of 60, 70% of women & 80% of men suffer from this. 5 -10% young people may also suffer from this.
  • It may run in family due to genetic bearing.
  • Smoking contributes to the degenerative changes in disc of vertebra.
  • It may be professional those who are dancer, gymnasist or people carry loads on head.
  • Congenital defects of vertebra due to narrowing of spinal cord.


  • X-Ray of Cervical spine may show changes in the cervical bones.
  • C.T Scan of spine reveals the changes in better manner.
  • M.R.I of cervical spines shows a definite change in the disc & as well as bone pieces.
  • E.M.G also helps in diagnosis.
  • E.S.R may help to exclude tuberculosis of cervical spine
  • Blood sugar estimation may exclude diabetes which enhances spondylitis.
  • Rheumatoid factor(RA) estimation excludes Rheumatoid disease.


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