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Fatty, Forty, Fertile Female

September 27 2017 at 03:00 AM by Wuser

A fatty woman is subjected for multiple diseases at her fertility period. Among them are Gall stone, Cancer breast, Diabetes & hypertension. Today obesity is said to be curse of morden society. Gall stone afflicts 10 to 20 % adult populations in developed countries. About 10,00,000 new patients annually are found to have gall stones. Vast majority of gall stone are silent(80%) without any pain & other symptoms. The prevalence of gall stones increases in diabetes, in obesity and in multipara. That is why it is known Fatty, Forty, Fertile. Female suffer more of Gall Stone, hypertension , diabtes & cancer.There are three main types of gall stones

1. Pure Cholesterol stones(10%)

Pure cholesterol stone is otherwise known as metabolic stone. It is due to disturbance of cholesterol metabolism. It is large, oval, white and of light weight and cut surface is concentric. It is usually painless stone or silent stone and single stone.

2. Pure Pigment stone(10%)

These are multiple and multifacted stones, very small, black in colour and triable and consist of bilirubin. These contain no cholesterol.

3. Mixed stones(80%)

It is common variety and composed of cholesterol, bilirubin and calcium. It comprises 80% of all biliary calculi. Sometimes 100 to 200 small tones may be present in one gall bladder and the patient remains without pain and other symptoms.

Cause of Stone Formation :

The exact action of gall stone formation is unsettled and we are also certainly powerless to prevent their formation. However, three factors play a part


Infection causes roughness on gall Bladder wall and thereby bile salts get precipitated at the rough site and forms the starting point of stone formations. When a nucleus of cholesterol is established, bilirubin is deposited over it and that leads to formation of mixed stones.


Stasis probably play a part. It more occurs during pregnancy and fatty women. Gall stones are more commoner in child bearing period. So fatty, forty, fertile women are more at risk for stone formations.

High bile Cholesterol

It is associated with high blood cholesterol. Deposits of cholesterol in the mucosa may become pedunculated, detached and form the starting point of calculi.

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