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How bullying affects your Mental Health

June 19 2018 at 12:02 PM by Samikshya Joshi

When I was in 5th standard my normal lunch table was filled up so I had to sit in another place with some popular kids of my school. I tried to keep to myself because I knew some of them liked to make fun of me and didn’t want to be noticed. Unfortunately, they noticed me. One of the kids whispered, “I’m going push her back”. I’m not sure if he meant for me to hear or not. It was kind of obvious because he looked at me. It happened many times with me, which made me depressed and I feel loneliness in my school.

Bullying is linked to long-term physical and psychological effects. It is unnecessary, forceful behaviour among children that involves inequity. It makes children feel alone, sad and afraid and also make them feel unsafe and they think that something is happening wrong with them. Children can lose their confidence. It may even make them sick. Bullying is linked to many psychological effects including impacts on mental health and suicide. It is important to talk to kids to know whether bullying or something else is a worry.

Kids who are Bullied:-

Kids who are bullied can experience negative physical and mental health issues. Kids who are bullied are more likely to experience:

  • Depression and anxiety
  •  Increased feelings of sadness and loneliness
  •  Changes in sleep and eating patterns
  •  Loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy
  •  Decreased academic achievement.


Kids Who Bully Others:-

Kids who bully are more likely to:

  • Misuse of alcohol and other drugs in teens and as adults
  • Get into fights, damage property, and drop out of school
  • Engage in early sexual activity
  • Have criminal records as adults 
  • Be abusive toward their romantic partners, spouses, or children as adults

Impact on schools:-

Schools that do not take any action against bullying are more likely to:

  • Create a negative environment based on a culture of fear and disrespect
  • Lower student engagement, staff retention and parent satisfaction
  • Students think that their teachers do not care about them and have little control over them
  • Insecurity, low self-esteem and lack of ambition in their students
  • Fail in inspiring students to reach their full academic potential


Bullying can have an effect on learning

Bullying cause stress and anxiety that makes it more difficult for kids to learn. It can cause less concentration and reduce the ability to focus, which affects their learning.

Bullying can lead to more serious concerns

 Kids who are bullied feel embarrassed. If the pain is not reassured, bullying can even direct to think of suicide or violent behavior. Bullying is more painful.


The Relationship between Bullying and Suicide

Bullied kids are at risk of suicide, bullying alone is not the reason. Many issues lead to suicide risk, including depression, personal problem, problems at home etc.  If these kids are not supported by parents, peers, and schools risk can be increased further.

So bullying is a depressing and important topic.  Don't be that person who makes someone feel bad about them.  We need to prevent bullying because it isn’t fun. Bullying can be stopped from the schools. Schools need to do more about bullying that happens during school.  It can make a huge difference.

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