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Prevention is better than cure

September 06 2018 at 01:25 PM by Samikshya Joshi

The proverb ‘Prevention is better than cure’ reveals that prevention methods are much better to get rid from any health problem than finding out solutions to cure that disease. Prevention and cure both are different words, and have different meanings also. So our awareness toward prevention of some health problems is a far better way to stay healthy in our life. It is the good example to us that even our troubles can be changed to the good prosperity only if we take precautions to remain away of plights and can enjoy a joyful healthy life.

  • Prevention leads to maintain a healthy and disciplined lifestyle all through the life. Thus it is a safe way to remain away from any issue.
  • Our carelessness towards a problem leads us toward cure using medicines or other treatments. Cure cannot cure us completely however prevention keeps us away from risk and maintains normal health.
  • We just need to maintain a healthy and disciplined and tension free lifestyle through the life in order to stay away from any health issue or disease
  • Prevention methods are easy to follow to be safe from any issue however cure is a while hazardous for our health as it does not give surety of complete wellness once we get suffered from some health problems and medications used for it further create other health problems and damage our body parts. In this polluted environment, anyone can be deceased anytime with any big or small health disorder. And any disease require proper cure which is very costly.
  • Preventive measures are like drinking clean water, eating healthy diet at right time, washing hands with soap before and after taking food, washing hands with soap after each and every use of toilet, follow good habits of hygiene, taking daily bath, wearing clean cloth, taking proper sleep during night, side-stepping alcohol and packaged food etc.
  • When we get sick it is good to go to the doctor but it is very good when we don’t need to go to the doctor all around the year. Being healthy is much better than falling sick which is only possible when we follow prevention methods and be safe.
  • It is much easier for us to prevent the problem from happening than solving it when happened. 
  • Prevention is much cheaper technique than cure to be safe and peaceful. It saves time, health, effort and cost. It also prevents us from many anxious thoughts.
  • Taking all the precautionary and preventive measures in advance is more beneficial and necessary by avoiding silly mistakes. We should take precautions during the change of every season so that we may not fall sick.
  • Prevention not only encompasses our daily routines and activities but also our positive thinking, attitude, psychology towards our life, because these terms have the better impact on the lifestyle of a person in a better and healthy way.
  • Being indifferent or negligent to our health may definitely cause illness which may end to the costly cure and perhaps, sometimes impossible to get normal health. Because our mistakes and carelessness invites to the difficulties only. So, we should be careful all time.
  • We have only one life which is very crucial to all of us. We should live it, not destroy by inviting various problems and difficulties. Life can be more happy and peaceful if we become disciplined and follow principles of this proverb. The better we understand the precautions the better we live healthy. Because cure doesn’t always bring happiness.

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