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January 16 2019 at 10:39 PM by Admin

Food touches every aspect of our lives. Our physical health depends on it. It plays an important role in our social lives, tying us with friends, family, and culture. So spending a little time in planning your meal every week can really open up time on your schedule for friends, family, and other things you enjoy. Also, it allows you to get healthy and creative in the kitchen, and can even help in saving money.

What Is Meal Planning?

You should consider meal planning if you are worried about the food you and your family members eat. Some people plan a month in advance, freezing packets of soup and stew. Others go shopping for that evening's meal at the farmers' market and picking up whatever looks good to them. Meal planning is a really personal thing. Something works for you may not work for me.

Here are some ideas for getting more organized and helping yourself think ahead.

1. Spend time each week looking for recipes. This may feel like excess, but just let it be done by yourself. Go through articles and websites for recipes that look delicious. Read some cookbooks and reach for the sticky notes.

2. Ask your partner, family, and friends what they like to eat. This might be obvious, but we forget to ask our households what they would like to eat. You get extra inspired when you feel like I'm cooking a meal as a gift trying to delight the palate of someone I love.

3. Check the weather. You may say, huh, but seriously. Right now, the weather is changing in many parts of the country. Look at the weather forecast, and try to decide about your meal plan.

4. Keep a meal journal. One of your best inspirations is your own record of things you've cooked in the past. Find out what you were cooking a year ago. It's an easy way to keep in mind what you used to cook, and still love.

5. Start a calendar. Start a calendar of what you are going to cook over the next few days or next weeks. You can add notes on each day for that day's menu.

6. Choose a shopping day and make a list. Some people who seemed to have success in meal planning shopped very decisively by looking at their recipes and made a shopping list. You can do this easily by some of the meal planning and recipe-saving services.

7. Don't overstuff the refrigerator. It's easy to get besieged when your fridge is over-full. Also, things get hidden in the back or corner of the refrigerator. Don't let things get wasted. Keep your fridge airy with a sensible, realistic amount of food in it.

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