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The Importance of Well Child Checkups

February 07 2019 at 01:21 AM by Admin

Are you thinking of why take a perfectly healthy baby to the doctor for a checkup? In maintaining a child’s physical, mental and emotional health well-child visits play an important role. There can be a propensity to miss out a child’s checkup if there aren’t any noticeable symptoms of illness but naturally, parents don’t pause to take their child to the paediatrician if they are ill or injured. As annual physicals are recommended for adults well-child checkups are suggested for many of the same reasons. These checkups help our child stay healthy and the doctors can pick up on likely problems that are more easily correctable when caught in the early hours. For identifying autism, ADD, ADHD, intellectual disability and other developmental disorders in children these visits are important tools. Many children with developmental stoppages aren’t identified as early as possible. Well child checkups and screening questionnaires during doctor visits can direct to early analysis and prompt interference as well. What happens during a well visit?

During a well visit, the doctor will:

• Carry out a detailed physical exam from head to toe

• Speak to your questions and concerns about your child

• Will provide your child appropriate immunizations/shots

• Track your child’s growth and development

• Talk about injury preclusion, red flags and provide a well visit summary

• Talk about habits/new intrusions if needed for existing health problems

• Make suitable referrals as necessary

• Early detection of hearing/language defects

Tips for parents before visiting your child’s doctor Here are few tips for parents to keep in mind:

• Always get ready with a checklist to talk about your concerns, new problems

• Talk about your concerns regarding short- and long-term effects of vaccines

• Talk about any small worries that you think may be wrong with your child’s behaviour/communication

• Get more information concerning annual dental visit, vision appointments and correct referrals as needed

• Get some added concerns for thumb sucking, teeth grinding, bed-wetting, toilet training and language development of your child Keep in mind that for questions and concerns about your child’s health your child’s doctor is your most important resource.

While there are huge amounts of health care information available through the internet, these sources are not always trustworthy or factual. Between well-child checkups, if your baby has a fever, not eating properly, is not peeing or pooping, is not nursing well, body looks yellow or has increasing redness or pus around the umbilical cord call the doctor. The Benefits of Well-Child Visits Regular checkups are necessary for children and young adults and can give important information to their parents.

Four major reasons parents should plan and keep their child’s well visits include:

• Growth and development tracking.

Your doctor can easily determine if your child is developing as expected, both physically and behaviorally by seeing your child regularly. If any issues are supposed, more carefully physical and cognitive tests can be done so that any essential treatment can be provided.

• Illness and accident prevention. Your child’s paediatrician can give a wealth of insights on how they can keep away from getting sick or injured starting from immunizations to information about diet, physical activity, and personal safety.

• The latest information on vital health topics. Your child’s doctor has more time to answer your questions about anything from health concerns to relationships and social interactions as well-child visits are likely to be longer than other appointments.

• Trust building. It is essential that parents, child, and paediatrician should maintain a positive and open relationship. Making sure that your child attends suggested well-child visits helps make their trust and soothe level with their healthcare provider.

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