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Home Nursing Care

Looking for an effective and speedy recovery from chronic illness after discharge from hospital? Simpleekare helps you and your loved one to achieve the same.

We serve as a bridge between your hospital stay and return to home by providing a step-down care from the hospital. Our service and facilities are aimed at complete care, supportive nursing care with keeping the patient engaged in activities that revitalize and overcome from any disabilities they may have, at a very cost-effective rate. We ensure that your well-being is never compromised. To bring the most compassionate and attentive care at home we follow all guidelines in the medical profession.

Services We Offer

To meet each and every need that can help our patients recover at a faster and more  Learn More

Especially when it comes to your elderly parents, grandparents or any other close family  Learn More

To attend the needs of the mother and the baby post-delivery, Our Care Plan  Learn More

We have a team of trained and caring nurses who are always available in comfort of your home  Learn More

Our nurses who administer oxygen have received approved training and undertaken supervised   Learn More

Nowadays getting injection requires proper attention and a pair of well experienced and trained  Learn More

We are offering palliative care for patients, which focus on relief from the pain  Learn More

A Patient may experience problems absorbing enough nutrients to prevent malnutrition when he/she  Learn More

We offer a specialized diabetes care and education to our patients. Through diabetic management  Learn More

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